Physical Education

Chiang Rai International School strives to provide a high-quality physical education program that allows students to develop their physical capabilities, confidence, social skills and, ultimately, improve their academic performance through appropriate healthy lifestyle choices.

CRIS incorporates elements of the American Spark PE curriculum, which is founded on research-based programs that promote motor skill development at various levels. Each lesson provides students with the opportunity to build on previously acquired motor skills in a fun and interactive environment.

Our High School students regularly explore theoretical health and movement concepts which gives each student a greater capacity to make healthy lifestyle choices. Every student at CRIS has the opportunity to develop and maintain an active lifestyle by participating in PE lessons, sporting teams, fitness and adventure electives, and a wide range of athletic extracurricular activities (ECAs).

For more information about our Physical Education program, or to find out ways your child can be actively involved in our wide range of physical ECAs, please contact the PE department.