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Debate & Model United Nations

CRIS Debate & MUN is now in its third year of participation in events around Northern Thailand. Twice yearly, dozens of CRIS students attend Model United Nations conferences as part of the Chiang Mai Circle of International Schools. Students have served as conference pages, photojournalists, delegates, committee chairs, and Secretary-General with the purpose of addressing issues of urgent international diplomacy. They learn about creative problem-solving, critical thinking skills, understanding of world affairs, and oratorical abilities.

Currently, 75% of CRIS Secondary School students have participated in MUN. On November 27th-28th, 2015, CRIS served as the host school for the Fall Conference, themed ‘Technology & Globalization’ and held at the Luck Swan Resort. 275 students, representing eleven international schools in Thailand and Myanmar, participated in the event. On the second night of the conference, a social event was held for over 400 guests at the CRIS campus, which included musical guests and a Lanna-style market of local cuisine.

The CRIS Debate team has recently embarked on a new series of competitions in coordination with Chiang Rai International Christian School and Grace International School. Students compete individually and in teams in examining ethical issues which affect individuals, communities, societies and the world.



Student Council page

The CRIS Secondary Student Council is a student-led democratic organization serving the student body, contributing positively to the local community, and working to advance the Vision and Mission of the school.

The Council is led by an Executive Board, headed by a President, Vice President, and three Secretaries, who are selected by a vote of all Secondary Students at the beginning of each term. The purpose of the Board is to organize twice-weekly meetings, serve as leadership for school events, and liaise between students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community.

Fourteen Homeroom Representatives comprise the voting membership of the Council, with two students voted in by their peers at each grade level for each term. Representatives are responsible for advocating for students’ needs, participating actively in meetings and events, distributing information and publicizing the activities of the Council, gathering useful information needed by the Council to carry out its duties, and serving as role models for younger students.
The Secondary Student Council abides by an Honor Code which specifies that all Councilors have a duty to participate diligently, model exemplary behavior, excel in academics, and demonstrate school spirit.