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Chiang Rai International School’s Primary Program is designed to provide comprehensive academic, social, spiritual and globally-minded learning in an enjoyable and safe environment. The Program uses the Common Core Standards and consists of four core subjects: ELA, Mathematics, Science & Social Studies also co-curricular subjects: Physical Education, Music, Art, Chinese, ICT, Bible, and Thai language and Culture. The school also offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities to all grade levels and age groups.

CRIS offers student-centered instruction implemented by collaborative planning and differentiated instruction. Scope & Sequence planning ensures that all academic standards,

ESLRs and the school’s Vision and Mission are integrated into lessons. Vertical alignment of standards also provides a progressive transition from one grade level to the next. CRIS teachers meet weekly to collaborate in curriculum development, identify support service needs, and improve communication with parents.

Common Core: “The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) represent a coherent progression of learning expectations in English language arts and mathematics designed to prepare K–12 students for college and career success. The standards define the knowledge and skills students should have in their K–12 education, emphasize learning goals, describe end-of-year expectations and focus on results leaving room for teachers to determine how these learning goals should be achieved. The Common Core focuses on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful in future endeavors.”

ELA: The CRIS Primary reading curriculum focuses on developing fluency, comprehension, critical thinking skills, writing, speaking and listening. Guided reading instruction is used in primary classrooms to help students reach their academic goals.

Math: CRIS believes that learning should be engaging and meaningful. Through hands-on mathematics curriculum the school provides students with real life experiences that equip them with readily applicable skills. Teachers use a variety of resources beyond the textbook to enhance learning.

Science: CRIS Primary students are introduced to lively science units that are based on the California State Standards. Students study in three major areas during the course of a year: Life Cycles, Earth Science and Physical Science.

Social Studies: The CRIS social studies curriculum is based on the California State Standards yet modified to meet geographic relevance.